Hod, Vali, Vidar and Ull

Concerning the four major gods Hod, Vali, Vidar, and Ull, few
references are found in Norse sources. Hod, the son of Odin, is blind but
vigorous; he it is who unwittingly brings about the death of Balder; he is
subsequently killed by Vali and he will not return until after the universe
has come to destruction. Vali (also called by Snorri, less correctly, Ali)
is the son of Odin and Rind. He has his own house in Valaskjalf, and is a
bold warrior and a good archer. He will neither wash himself nor clip his
hair until he has taken vengeance upon Hod for the death of Balder, and he
will survive the destruction of the universe.

Vidar too shall return after Ragnarok. He is the son of Odin and the Giantess
Grid, and next to Thor he is the strongest of the gods. He is called The God
of Few Words. When Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, is come, he will
avenge Odin by cleaving with his thick boot the throat of the Fenris Wolf.
His dwelling is in Vidi.

Ull is fair to look upon, a mighty bowman and ski-runner;
men do well to summon him to their aid in single combat. He is the son of Sif
and the stepson of Thor. His dwelling bears the name of Ydalir.


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