The son of Odin and Frigg is Balder, the god of innocence and piety.
He is so bright and fair that light shines from his features; he is also wise,
eloquent, gentle, and lenient, and righteous to such a degree that his
judgments stand always unshaken. His home and stronghold is called
Breidablik; there nothing impure may find lodgment. His wife is the
faithful Nanna, daughter of Nep. His son is the righteous Forseti. Balder
was killed by his brother Hod, but after the destruction of the universe he
will return again.

The cult of Balder is mentioned only in the late, unhistorical Fridthjof’s
Saga; from this source we learn that he had a great sanctuary,
Baldershagi, somewhere in Sogn.


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